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Sunraysia Hangliding



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Weather permitting we fly most weekends from paddocks near Mildura

(within 20min drive)


Because Mildura terrain is very flat, hangliders are towed by car to above 2000ft and soar elusive thermals "popping" off the vast sun baked fields below. Height gain to 10000ft and >100km cross countries are achieved every summer. Time aloft can vary between 5mins (bombout) to many hours!

If you have considered hangliding in the Sunraysia area or for any information on this great sport in general, send an email to Roger Burrows or phone him on (03) 50245108 or mobile 0417147126. Alternatively, for information on learning to fly like a bird CLICK HERE !

You can also contact local pilots;                          

Andrew Schmidt.....(03) 50232951
Shane Burrows........(03) 50246659 or 0407888607
Tim Hannah.............(03) 50253131 or 0418319946

Roger also sells quality tow releases and bridles for half of normal costs.....

Email Roger Burrows                                    Email Shane Burrows

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